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Company Policies


Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty: Covers broken, stressed, and/or defective welds on Nerf-Steps, Pre-Runner's, DRP Light Cages, Rear-Runner's, Harley Bars, and Light Bars as well as their brackets. All warranty claims must be presented by the original purchaser with original POP.

Lifetime Stainless corrosion protection warranty for any rusting issues or product manufacture defects.

5 Year powder coated Finish Warranty: Covers corrosion issues, bubbling, cracking to the powder coated finish whether it is standard high gloss black, textured black or custom color matched powder coat. Doesn't cover scraped or abuse do to usage that subsequently caused related damage or issues to the finish.

1 Year 2 Stage Paint finish Warranty: Covers bubbling, cracking, and/or any imperfection in automotive 2 stage color matches on Nerf-Steps, Pre-Runner's, DRP Light Cages, Rear-Runner's, Light Bars, Harley Bars.

New Returns

Customer may return a part within 30 days from purchase date with proof of purchase. Customer is responsible to return part at their expense, including any related shipping costs.

All new returns will incur a 20% restocking fee. This includes returns for parts ordered incorrectly as well as parts in NEW condition that the customer chooses to return for any reason not related to product quality and/or fit, form, or function.

To initiate a new return, please contact the original place of purchase, or contact N-FAB directly for assistance.


Fichter Designs licensed to N-FAB, Inc. are Protected U.S. Patent Law and International Copy Right Law. U.S. Patent #6588783, # 6874801 and #7416202 other patents and continuances pending. N-FAB products configuration are protected by International Trade Dress Law.

All design & patent infringements will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.